Sometimes a client has previously hired a freelance writer and is not happy with the quality of work that was resulted.  Other times, a client wrote something that needs a freelance writer, copy editor or advertising copywriter to edit and make more dynamic and interesting to the reader.  Those who want to break into the English speaking market but English is not their first language often want an editor or freelance writer to look over their work and make suggestions so that the copy is better received by a native English speaking audience.  Private Label Rights (PLR) articles for sale are often in need of rewrites so they are completely unique and will pass copyright scans. 

As a freelance writer, copywriter, advertising copywriter and editor I am uniquely qualified to take existing works and rewrite them according to the clients’ specifications.  I am skilled at keeping the intent of the article the same while making it completely different and more interesting.  I can keep the same structure and word count or make it more concise and easier to read with the use of sub headings and bullet points which is especially appealing for web copy.  Below are some sample rewrites:

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