Sometimes a client has previously hired a freelance writer and is not happy with the quality of work that was resulted.  Other times, a client wrote something that needs a freelance writer, copy editor or advertising copywriter to edit and make more dynamic and interesting to the reader.  Those who…Read More

Keyword Articles

Keyword articles are a particular niche that some freelance writers specialize in.  The purpose is to increase search engine optimization (SEO) and rankings on searches, especially Google.  I am particularly skilled at ensuring articles are informative and well written without sounding as if they are keyword stuffed and unnatural.  Below…Read More


As a freelance writer, copywriter and editor my favorite type of work to do is informative articles.  I enjoy research and writing for web copy, online publications and offline publications.  There are many uses for informative articles including drawing viewers to your website, giving users valuable information about your particular…Read More

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