Paloma Blanca

San Antonio Mexican Restaurant reviewIt was a long afternoon running errands in the Broadway area of San Antonio, and we missed lunch so, we were on the hunt for a good place to eat. After firing up Yelp, we saw Paloma Blanca on the list. We have never been there, but have heard good things, so off we set to try it. When we pulled up, the packed parking lot at 3 pm was a good sign of things to come. Unfortunately, we were not impressed, and will likely not return.

San Antonio has no shortage of excellent Mexican restaurants, most of which are relatively inexpensive. So, when faced with expensive plates, the assumption was that this would be an outstanding dining experience. It was not. If based solely on the food, the impression would have been slightly more favorable, if not first-rate. But, service is included in a dining experience, and ours was subpar.

Paloma Blanca Mexican restaurant reviewAfter we were seated in a tucked away corner, we were promptly forgotten. It took too long to get chips and salsa, too long to get our drink orders, menu, and too long for our food to arrive. We were lucky enough to eventually get one refill of our water, but a second was not to be had. Our waiter was in no hurry to do anything up to, and including, getting our bill, nor did he ask if we wanted any dessert. We had the distinct impression that we were a bother.

We were, after all, not drinking, had no appetizers, and were clearly not going to spend a lot. Service to us was not a priority. The waiter could not have known we are excellent tippers, especially when we are not spending much. The restaurant was busy, but not so busy as to be understaffed. Even if this was the case, no excuse for the poor service was offered, likely because the waiter could not be bothered with that, along with accommodating anything else we may have appreciated.

The food, though, was marginally better. The two salsas were particularly flavorful. The presentation for both meals was lovely which was the highpoint of the meal. Two entrees were ordered: Enchiladas ’09 and Enchiladas Divorciadas. Both portion sizes were generous. The chicken in the Enchiladas ’09 was just short of moist, and could have been cooked slightly less. The sauces, however, were filled with flavor, the rice tasty, and the salad crisp and fresh. The enchiladas in the Enchiladas Divorciadas had a similar issue with slightly dry chicken, but delicious sauces. There was nothing extraordinary about the rice, or the beans included in that meal. Overall, the food was good, but not exceptional, and certainly overpriced.

Given the abundance of positive reviews, it is possible we came on an off day. We may have considered returning for another try. But, with the expense of the food, it is doubtful we will. It was a mediocre experience, at best.

Dined at Paloma Blanca 3 pm, 5/21/2016. 2 diners.