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06/30: Day Four – Tiring but fun

Thursday, June 30: Tiring but Fun

We slept in a little later than scheduled today because everyone was exhausted. The hard-as-a-rock beds did not help. The continental breakfast was crap, but we had bacon to supplement it that we prepared before we left, along with sausage balls. We found a cool…Read More

06/29: Day Three – Some history

Wednesday, June 29: Some History

It was a gorgeous morning! We ran a little late this morning. Although we woke up on time, a certain someone who will remain nameless was not on top of her game and caused some delays in the getting camp broken, and car loaded department. We…Read More

06/28: Day Two – Real Travel

Tuesday, June 28

We got up around 7:30 am at Granny‚Äôs this morning. We got all our stuff gathered, made picnic lunches, and packed the car. We filled the water bottles and the big 5-gallon cooler. Granny made us a really great, and filling, breakfast which got us ready to hit…Read More