Grandfather Mountain Posts

07/02: Camp Day One

Saturday, July 02

I did not take a lot of pictures I can share publicly on Facebook. Most of what I took were group camp shots, so involve other's kids. This morning we woke up, got dressed, and went to eat breakfast before everyone started arriving. We had brekky at a…Read More

07/01: Day Five – Easy Day, Dance Prep

Friday, July 01 - Easy Day, Dance Prep

Today we had a really easy day without a lot of car time. So, we took this opportunity to sleep in a little, and get some chores done. The first thing we did was find a laundromat so we could wash our clothes.…Read More

06/30: Day Four – Tiring but fun

Thursday, June 30: Tiring but Fun

We slept in a little later than scheduled today because everyone was exhausted. The hard-as-a-rock beds did not help. The continental breakfast was crap, but we had bacon to supplement it that we prepared before we left, along with sausage balls. We found a cool…Read More

06/29: Day Three – Some history

Wednesday, June 29: Some History

It was a gorgeous morning! We ran a little late this morning. Although we woke up on time, a certain someone who will remain nameless was not on top of her game and caused some delays in the getting camp broken, and car loaded department. We…Read More

06/28: Day Two – Real Travel

Tuesday, June 28

We got up around 7:30 am at Granny’s this morning. We got all our stuff gathered, made picnic lunches, and packed the car. We filled the water bottles and the big 5-gallon cooler. Granny made us a really great, and filling, breakfast which got us ready to hit…Read More

06/27: Day One – to Granny’s

Monday, June 27

This morning we only hit the snooze once at 6 am, and then got up and finished packing the remainder of the car. We still have a pretty good amount of space left. Andrew Tetris'ed it well. Nanny came over to send us off, and we were on the…Read More

06/26: It’s Real

Today we did not do much until the mad dash in the evening.

We had lunch with a friend, got some henna done, had dinner with a friend, then packed and loaded the car. 

We're ready.

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06/25: Almost Done

Saturday, June 25

Today was all about running around for last minute items and getting the house in order. We were, as expected, unsuccessful in finding a swim suit for me. However, Andrew got a new one. We took care of getting some toiletries, and other last minute items. 

When we got…Read More

06/24: Last work day with kids

Today was the last work day we had with the kids before they spent the weekend with Emo. However, after a late night at Celtic jam and swimming plans with friends, not a lot of work was done. By the time we got up and moving, it was time to head…Read More

06/23: All Work and No Play

Thursday, June 23: All work and no play...

Today we have accomplished just enough to warrant a little family fun. Andrew took Eirik on a daddy/son excursion to the Tower of the Americas. Eirik has been asking to go for awhile and a Groupon popped up that he grabbed. This evening we…Read More