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Paloma Blanca

It was a long afternoon running errands in the Broadway area of San Antonio, and we missed lunch so, we were on the hunt for a good place to eat. After firing up Yelp, we saw Paloma Blanca on the list. We have never been there, but have heard…Read More

Top Five Romantic Destinations

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Intro:  Has romance been missing from your life?  Have you been thinking of taking a vacation with the one you love?  Couples should consider the top five romantic destinations for a fun time in a beautiful resort. 

Everyone has a busy…Read More

The Positive Health Benefits of Natural Body Skin Care

The following is an excerpt from a rewrite article.  No research was done.  The goal was to maintain the general idea in each paragraph as well as remain close to the same word count while rewriting it so it was at least 60% changed.  Original article…Read More

Tips on Buying Foreclosure Homes

The following is a keyword article.  The keywords used were "Foreclosure, Foreclosures, Foreclosure homes, Foreclosure listing and, Mortgage foreclosure": 

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This article was rewritten slightly to incorporate the use of the keywords.

Tips on Buying Foreclosure Homes


Overall Density - 4%, cumulative 30 instancesForeclosure -…Read More

Benefits of Becoming Fluent in English

Original:  470 words, incorrect grammar, some spelling errors.  Goal is to keep the general idea of the article, make it completely unique and ensure no grammatical or spelling errors.  Also important is keeping a similar word count.

Learn English Words

In order to open the doors of International…Read More

Homeschool Pool for Home School Education

Homeschool Pool, found at http://homeschoolpool.info, is a recently launched home school website.  They focus on homeschool curriculum, free downloads, tips and they even have a regular homeschool dad column.  This is a great resource for homeschool families around the world but because they hail from Houston we are…Read More

Bayou Bend

Looking for something fun to do? Check out this slide show of my latest visit to Bayou Bend Gardens. The slide show depicts some of the beautiful scenery found a the gardens. But, because pictures are not allowed in the house, you will have to go see it for yourself.…Read More

Children’s Birthday Party Venues in Houston: A Guide

Are you looking for the perfect place to hold your child's next birthday party in Houston? There are many different venues that are ideal for a birthday party for kids of all ages. To check out my top picks for the best birthday party venues for children in Houston, read…Read More