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Photo Credit: Henkluys
Photo Credit: Henkluys

Hello everyone! I am Kathleen, but everyone calls me Kat. While I have traveled extensively, Texas is my home and I am a proud resident. I have been writing as a freelancer for well over twenty years, and could not think of any other profession I would like to be in.

I have watched, and participated in, the progression of freelancing with mixed emotions. I enjoy the changing technology, and opportunities now afforded those who wish to write professionally. However, unskilled writers who work for a fraction of standard have saturated the market and devalued those who work hard at our craft.

I specialize in writing for the web and E-book ghost writing. I also am quite skilled at, and thoroughly enjoy, social media marketing. I am currently also working on compiling a collection of my poetry, and working on a book.

Sutton ChildrenI limit the amount of projects I take on because I have a family, and homeschool my children. We are an incredibly busy family, and I only have the time to devote to a few projects each month. I want to ensure the quality, and care of my work, is the best it can be for each of my clients. Therefore, I only contract for projects I can give my all to.

I spend a good portion of my time with my family pursuing our individual, and collective interests which include: travel, food, Highland dance, fiber arts, Scottish culture, camping, outdoor activities, Renaissance festivals, and music.

I look forward to discussing your needs, and seeing if I can assist you in writing or social media marketing.

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